Kyle Palentino


Clean: 315

Snatch: 230

Front Squat: 325

12 Mile Ruck: 2hr 29min

Clovis: 1hr 58min

Murph: 37:18

Fran: 2:48


CrossFit Level 2 Certificate

About Coach


Born and raised in Midlothian, VA I was not much of an athlete until I played football for Monacan High School where I learned the value of teamwork through adversity. In college at Old Dominion University, I joined the Army ROTC program and gained an incredible amount of experience in leadership, motivating, and guiding others to accomplish missions and goals. As an Officer in the United States Army, I was privileged to lead Soldiers in all aspects of military training, fitness, deployed missions, through hardships, and in life coaching for their careers. These key steps have led me towards knowing a true purpose of mine in impacting others and serving the greater team as a leader and as a coach.

Turning Point

For me, this was when I was away from home on my first military exercise, cold, tired, and beaten down by a bad day. I had hit a real low point and began doubting if this whole "leading others" thing was really what I wanted to do with my life. I remember seeing my team in the chow line also worn down from the day. I went over and checked in with each of them to see how their experiences were from our last mission. In doing so, I learned that everyone has their own struggles to fight in life and that as a whole, the team can lift each other up to greater outcomes. I learned that my enemy before that moment was fear of letting others down and not meeting expectations after a bad mission. In that, I realized that I was put in that leadership role to serve the team, not the other way around. This changed my outlook on leadership and how fulfilling it is to drive the team to succeed.

Motivation & Passion

To serve those who entrust in me as their trusted advisor. I am in this to help and aid others in reaching their goals and to help them help themselves in doing so. They deserve a coach of character, competence, and confidence, and my aim is to provide them with those pillars at every interaction.

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