Coach Image

Katelyn Dragnich


Bench: 155lbs squat: 205 lbs deadlift: 240lbs


CrossFit Level 1

About Coach

I’ve played a lot of sorts growing up but my main ones were swimming and softball. As an adult I’ve always tried to stay active by doing things such as synchronized swimming and kickboxing. I’ve been weightlifting for about 6 years now and only started CrossFit recently but quickly fell in love with it!

Turning Point

I worked in physical therapy for many years and it showed me time and time again how important it is to keep your body healthy. I found a passion in weightlifting and always found pride in my strength above all else.

Motivation & Passion

I believe people can accomplish way more than they think they can and I feel like CrossFit is a great way for people to come to that realization. The community around it alone is enough to make you feel like you can do almost anything in that gym.

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