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Gaela Stromberg

Owner and Head Coach

Hold (2) Virginia State Master records for Olympic Weightlifting

C&J my bodyweight

Ran 17 marathons

1 Half Ironman


CrossFit Level 2 Certification

CrossFit Level 1 Certification

USAW Sports Performance Certification 1 & 2

USAW Olympic Weightlifting Certification 1 & 2

USA Powerlifting Club Coach

Precision Nutrition Certification

CrossFit Kids Certification

CrossFit Gymnastics Certification

AFPA Sports Nutrition Certification

AFPA Personal Trainer Certification

RRCA Running Coach Certification, BS Psychology

About Coach


I didn't get into fitness until my 30's but now that I have I'll never stop trying new things and bettering myself. It began with running and since then I've run numerous marathons and coached countless others to do the same. I then found CrossFit as a more diverse way to constantly challenge myself and to push others to reach goals they didn't even realize they had. The friends you make along the way of any fitness journey are unmistakable friends for life so I plan to continue this adventure for as long as I can.

Turning Point

I had taken over ownership of James River CrossFit in 2014 and just like anyone our business got stuck in a rut. We did the day-to-day things but didn't have a clear focus and then COVID hit. We were forced to shut our doors. Then came issues with the former CEO of CrossFit and we pulled our affiliation. So we were working out via zoom meetings under the name James River Fitness but yet we trudged on. Eventually, we were able to open our doors again and our members came flooding back in. And I knew we needed to do better for them. Be better for them. We did some soul searching, CrossFit HQ came under new management, and the stars aligned for CROSSFIT JOYRIDE to be born. Our goals are clear - FUN, INCLUSIVE, FITNESS. New coaches, new colors, and a new passion to take our members where they want to go.

Motivation & Passion

My goal with CrossFit JoyRide is to have a fun, inclusive spot where no matter your experience level, you can feel comfortable jumping in and growing with us. Everyone has skills they can learn and perfect and CrossFit is the perfect way to highlight them.

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